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In the beginning, and throughout quite a bit of the middle, there was nothing.

Then there was light.

It was a metaphorical light, but some would say that that is the best kind. It didn't illuminate anything, it didn't send songs flying through the air, it couldn't heat up your food and couldn't see through your flesh. On the other hand, it couldn't cause cancer, and what it could do was amazing. It brought people to explore new worlds, it let casual gamers redeem themselves and allowed less casual gamers to compete in torturous self-inflicted challenges. It forged communities, drew people in with its story, and let them create little lights of their own. As powerful and inspiring as this metaphorical, allegorical, and historical beam of light was, it had a creator, and it had a name.

Its name was Cave Story.

Five or six years past, Cave Story manifested itself as freeware game created by a freelance game creator working in Japan under the gregarious pseudonym "Pixel". Strangely, Cave Story didn't get the attention it deserved until recently, when a port for the Wii was released. Up until that tipping point, Cave Story had mostly been the focus of smaller communities, such as the Cave Story tribute site and the forums thereof. Cave Story possesses a sort of pure, perfect, timeless quality that is all too rare in computer games. It doesn't dazzle you with showy, high-tech graphics or revolutionary gameplay mechanics, but you can tell that every aspect of the game was carefully thought out - both in terms of how it would function by itself, and how it would fit artistically into the unified whole that is Cave Story. Amazing, huh? Now, hopping a bit backwards in our story...

As the years passed, people began to revel in another great quality the game possessed - its music. Its tumbling rhythms and dancing melodies invigorated people, let them aspire to its greatness, and led them to recreate its songs. Eventually, a collaboration of musical minds was formed and after months of work, the Cave Story Remix Project was born.

Now, years later, a second remix project has been created by members of the tribute site forums. Song after song has been added, until eventually the entire soundtrack of Cave Story was incorporated. This project is our 2010 four days belated solstice gift ('cause we here are totally secular, don'cha know) to all lovers of music, Cave Story, and Cave Story music out there, so head on over to this part of the website and enjoy!

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