The Artists


What you see is what you get - just a guy who loves music! JetHawk95 (Corey) started writing rap lyrics at the age of 9 and then got into music composition later on. After researching that Basshunter and many other techno artists use FLStudio, he decided to give it a try. After many long nights of music production and remixing from MIDIs, a new DJ had been born: DJ-Corey-X. Playing Cave Story and admiring the original Remix Project gave Corey the dream of one day having the whole Cave Story soundtrack remixed. When he took that dream to the Cave Story Forums it all started falling into place...

Wedge of Cheese

JetHawk95's right hand man. Wedge of Cheese (JJ) has always enjoyed putting his own unique spin on music he hears. He started playing the piano at age 4, and is currently studying music composition and computer science at Western Michigan University. At the start of the project, JJ had been working on a massive two-piano medley of Cave Story music, which eventually ended up in the project. At JetHawk95's request, he created a masterpiece remix of Moonsong. Seeing a chance to put his musical skills into action, he couldn't stop, and ended up making several more remixes! He has been a big influence and motivation in the project.


The second right hand man and heavy metal genius. rtnario (Ramon) gave the project a really nice techno twist, but also showed a surprising and contrasting skill in creating symphonic remixes! He had an idea for an organization called LEAF XCEED with many different divisions (music and technology to name a couple). LEAF XCEED is currently more or less inactive, but Ramon continues to make music under the name "LEAF X MD" ("X MD" being short for "XCEED Music Division") with the hope of one day expanding LEAF XCEED to something bigger. Ramon was a relatively infrequent visitor of the Cave Story tribute site forums, but, seeing the second remix project being put into action, his passion for music drove him to be one of the most valuable people involved!


GIRakaCHEEZER learned to play the piano as a young child, and has since been, in one way or another, making music. When he heard about this project, he knew that he had to contribute something, and was just itching to try to make a couple of remixes. Prior to this, GIRakaCHEEZER had no remixing experience whatsoever, so this was a learning experience for him. When he's not remixing video game songs, he can be found studying, writing original music, working on his Cave Story mod (WTF Story), or just playing video games. GIRakaCHEEZER only hopes that people will appreciate what he has contributed to the project. Also, he like slurpees.


FrozenFire's involvement with the project began when he dazzled us with an exciting and intricate rendition of "Access", a rather plain and uninteresting Cave Story song. In addition to being a remix artist, he was a HUGE help in organizing and documenting the chaotic mess of remixes strewn about the project thread. He helped make the project possible with his motivational, organizational, and musical skills.


A long-time lurker of the Cave Story Forums, nailcliper had seen many great talents contribute to the project. He began work with Moonsong in hope to contribute to the project before it was too late. Upon completion, he found himself with an unusual amount of free time and worked to remix twice more. He hopes to use what he learned from the Remix Project to aide him in future musical endeavors.

Thanks also to the following remix artists who contributed single remixes...
Divine Wrath
Uncy Dave

...and to our album artists!
rtnario (Dreams of a Chiller Time, Choirs of Demons)
Lace (Azure Resonance)
Duncan Graham (Bonus Album)

The Affiliated


Originally just a guy who would occasionally pop into the remix project thread and, right after someone had said they were about to make a remix, make a post saying "Go for deathcore. Thank you.", Schokobecher ended up being a big help. One day, he was bored and demanded something to do, so, in practically no time at all, he set up the basic layout of this website. He continued to help the rest of us less experienced web designers and make sure our code adhered to strict XHTML standards. What you see before you would not have been possible without his help.