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Title Remix artist(s) Song(s) remixed File Size Duration
1 Town of Leaves rtnario On To Grasstown 2.4 MB 1:38
2 Village Child
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Wedge of Cheese Toroko's Theme 3.1 MB 3:40
3 Through the Labyrinth nailcliper Jenka 1, Jenka 2, Labyrinth Fight 6.6 MB 2:47
4 Safe Zone nailcliper Safety 3.2 MB 1:21
5 Techno Child JetHawk95 Toroko's Theme 2.2 MB 1:30
6 Horizons Uncy Dave Mischievous Robot 4.4 MB 1:50
7 River of Sand Wedge of Cheese Meltdown 2 2.6 MB 2:39
8 Swim, Ikachan! GIRakaCHEEZER Ikachan's Theme* 2.6 MB 2:42
9 Home At Last Wedge of Cheese The Way Back Home 2.8 MB 3:20
10 The Journey Goes On

Piano-only version

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Wedge of Cheese

Singer: Alyson Wendzel
Got Item!, Gestation, Mimiga Town, Plant, Mischievous Robot, Pulse, On To Grasstown, Eyes of Flame, Victory!, Jenka 1, Jenka 2, Geothermal, Oppression, Living Waterway, Cave Story Anthem**, Moonsong, Last Cave, Balcony, Last Battle, Seal Chamber, Got Heart Tank! 39.9 MB 28:59
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Title Remix artist(s) Song(s) remixed File Size Duration
1 Stronghold of the Wind GIRakaCHEEZER Wind Fortress***, Balcony 10.3 MB 4:20
2 Thermal Winds GIRakaCHEEZER Geothermal 7.5 MB 3:08
3 Moonlit Venture otemoto-dansei-ningen Moonsong 5.2 MB 4:27
4 System Core DaPhinoXX Geothermal 2.6 MB 2:06
5 Lunar Eclipse nailcliper Moonsong 5.9 MB 2:29
6 Soldier's Prayer Wedge of Cheese
Singer: Duncan Graham
Balcony, Last Cave 5.0 MB 5:21
7 Stone White Wall GIRakaCHEEZER White (King's Theme) 3.1 MB 3:12
8 In the Distance JetHawk95 Balcony 3.9 MB 2:43
9 Cosmic Corridor Destroyer9283 Mischievous Robot 2.6 MB 2:41
10 King GIRakaCHEEZER White (King's Theme) 2.0 MB 1:59
11 Pure Darkness JetHawk95 Quiet 3.2 MB 3:20
12 Egg No. 00 GIRakaCHEEZER Pulse 7.7 MB 3:14
13 Through the Clouds Wedge of Cheese Moonsong 5.7 MB 6:48
14 Pinnacle MasterJace Balcony 4.7 MB 3:53

Title Remix artist(s) Song(s) remixed File Size Duration
1 Path of Ruin rtnario Scorching Back 3.5 MB 2:29
2 Pillow of Fire GIRakaCHEEZER Eyes of Flame 7.0 MB 2:59
3 Boss Runner KuroKun Last Battle, Gravity, Run! 5.8 MB 4:54
4 Electric Distortion JetHawk95, FrozenFire Seal Chamber 5.7 MB 2:24
5 HUZZAH rtnario Balrog's Theme 1.6 MB 1:04
6 Doukutsu Death Dance Wedge of Cheese Last Battle 4.5 MB 5:23
7 Nemesis Divine Wrath Cave Story 8.4 MB 3:34
8 Cave Story War rtnario Last Battle 3.0 MB 2:07
9 Collapse Wedge of Cheese Break Down, Charge, Running Hell, Tyrant, Zombie 3.8 MB 4:36
10 Interruption FrozenFire Access 2.3 MB 1:34
11 Imminent Chaos rtnario Eyes of Flame 1.9 MB 1:18
12 Escape the Crisis JetHawk95 Run!, Zombie 2.9 MB 3:04
13 Fallen Hero Wedge of Cheese Game Over, Cemetery, Hero's End, Pulse, Quiet 6.1 MB 7:19
14 Core Oppression rtnario Oppression 4.8 MB 3:21

* Ikachan is another game made by the creator of Cave Story. "Swim, Ikachan!" is a remix of the main theme of Ikachan.

** The Cave Story Anthem was made by Annabelle "Anniestarheart" Kennedy, a Cave Story fan. It is not used in Cave Story.

*** "Wind Fortress" is a Cave Story Beta track. It was originally going to be used in Cave Story, but ended up not being used when the final version was released.

Fun facts:

Most remixed song: Balcony (remixed in The Journey Goes On, Stronghold of the Wind, Soldier's Prayer, In the Distance, and Pinnacle)

Only song to be remixed in all three albums: Pulse (remixed in The Journey Goes On, Egg No. 00, and Fallen Hero)

Most remixed song (including bonus album): Moonsong (remixed in The Journey Goes On, Moonlit Venture, Lunar Eclipse, Through the Clouds, Oppressive Moon, Selene's Dream, and Like a Boss)

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Title Remix artist(s) Song(s) remixed File Size Duration
1 Oppressive Moon Wedge of Cheese Oppression, Moonsong 1.9 MB 2:21
2 Undersea Adventure Wedge of Cheese Ikachan's Theme 5.0 MB 6:07
3 Cruel Fate JetHawk95 Break Down 2.8 MB 3:02
4 Selene's Dream Wedge of Cheese Moonsong 6.6 MB 8:01
5 Like a Boss Wedge of Cheese Last Battle, Eyes of Flame, Oppression, Charge, Moonsong, Seal Chamber 12.0 MB 14:38