With the upcoming release of Cave Story from Nicalis on Monday, we thought we'd take a minute to speak to the creator of the game to find out what it was like to bring his much-loved PC classic to the WiiWare service.

Pixel was kind enough to take a few moments to answer a couple of our questions and you can find out what he had to say to us below.

Nintendo Life: What was it like bringing Cave Story to the Wii?

Pixel: Initially, I had an uneasiness about the double-sized resolution of Wii. I was concerned that it wouldn't be consistent with the original work. Another point is that I wasn't sure if I had sufficient confidence to tell others how to edit or change my pixel art. Though, after drawing the pixel art and maintaining the look by the NIcalis team, I was happy. They improved the work several times, based on my feedback and corrections. I hope players will agree.

Being able to create new artwork for the game and talking to Tyrone often was very enjoyable for me. I also liked hearing the new music as it was being worked on and completed.

NL: What was the most difficult part of bringing Cave Story to the Wii console?

Pixel: Because I had created the game mostly alone, the idea of conveying my own ideas to another person seemed difficult. I thought that I may have a hard time telling someone else what I was thinking.

In retrospect, I had a sizable amount of work, but it wasn't too difficult. For the most part, my role consisted of recreating the new character artwork, offering my direction, approving each step, checking the new official translation and answering questions related to the project. The Nicalis staff did a lot of, what I consider, the hard work.

NL: Any plans for Cave Story 2?

Pixel: I haven't decided if I'm going to make a sequel or not, but, for now, there are no plans.

We'd like to thank Pixel for taking the time to answer our questions and we'll have a full review of Cave Story shortly after its release in North America on Monday.

A special thanks goes out to Tyrone Rodriguez at Nicalis for making this little Q&A happen.