Cave Story, or Doukutsu Monogatari, is a Japanese freeware PC side-scrolling platformer game developed by Studio Pixel. The entire game was developed, designed, and programmed by Daisuke Amaya. The game was so widely enjoyed that Nicalis, an independent video game company decided to work with Pixel to bring the game to Nintendo's WiiWare service and the Nintendo 3DS.

Cave Story is really one of those games that can be considered a masterpiece of game design. There are so many wonderful and classic gaming elements, that I cannot even begin to describe just one quality well enough to say 'It is for this one reason alone that Cave Story is a great game.' There is just so much effort, originality, and ingenuity behind this game and it really shows more and more as you play through it. Find out more at:


The project started as a small idea organized by a few really big fans of the game. It was going to be very simple and almost did not even get started. I really did not expect the project to balloon in size so much. Members of the community  contributed so much more then I expected and everything came together really well. Every person involved in this project deserves more praise then I can give - there is a LOT of hard work here and I'm really pleased with the results of the project. After the album finished and most of the mixers went their separate ways - people talked of doing a 3rd disc to 'complete' the album. After a few years this finally became a reality. So in the end there are 3 discs worth of music - completely for free.

If somehow this isn't enough to curb your appetite for Cave Story music - There has been another remix project done to help curb the growing appetite for cave story remixes.
Find out more at:

Thank you to EVERYONE who was involved. It would never have been possible without you!
For all the fans - enjoy this for what it is - a beautiful album dedicated to the game and the music contained within it.

Cave Story Remix Project Full Download - All 3 Discs

Cave Story Remix Project Album Art

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Project Lead
Dustin 'k-wix' Kulwicki

Quinn Fox
Kris Davis
Dj Fezik
DJ Dain

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