Daisuke Amaya Interview

I conducted an email-based interview with Japanese developer Daisuke Amaya, better known as Studio Pixel, about the music in his magnum opus Cave Story, originally Doukutsu Monogatari. He unfortunately speaks English as a second language, but his answers were still enlightening.

> 1. Did you write the music for Cave Story for any particular instrument, or was it written for the organya format [the format he specifically created for Cave Story] directly?

I made the music by various means.
organya directly, by code with guitar, with synthesizer, with piano,
my old tune, from signal of a station, and so on.

> 2. What (musical) pieces were easiest and hardest to compose?

Maybe, "Access" is easiest.
"Meltdown2" is hardest.

> 3. What is your favorite piece?

I like "Eyes of Flame" now.

> 4. Are there any pieces you would have changed if you had access to a more complex format?

There are it, if I think about that.
but, if I had access to a more complex format,
My poor things is found out.

> 5. Was there any overarching theme to the soundtrack, or did you write each piece separately from the others?

There is not the theme is defined.
I'm always fickle.

> 6. Why was the Plantation [a late-game area] music chosen as the title screen music?

It's effective approach to let people feel familiarity.