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Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari: Walkthrough


Welcome to the first revision of the Doukutsu Monogatari walkthrough. First off, I'd like to say that this walkthrough owes a lot to Solidsharkey's walkthrough at, by virtue of the fact that I referred to it every so often on my first playthrough, and voraciously on my hard playthrough. Some of the more detailed information relating to the hard playthrough is missing; this will be added in Revision 2. So now, let the walkthrough begin.

First of all, you should run the DoConfig.exe file in the same directory as the game. This will allow you to set up your controls and other things (for example, it's a lot easier to switch between a walkthrough and a game if the game is not running in fullscreen). When everything is set up to your satisfaction, run Doukutsu.exe to play - I'm assuming you've managed to either get hold of a pre-translated copy or have run the patch yourself.

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