Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 26, 2022
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough 馃専
& have yourself a merry little Christmas now 馃巺馃徎
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 7, 2022
Turtle doves are out of stock, but both #CaveStory flash drives are 50% off for the next 24 hours at!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 3, 2022
The 12 days of Christmas are coming. Watch for 24-hour specials at starting December 5.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 5, 2022
Happy 4th of July!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 24, 2022
Get a cool 50% off #NintendoSwitch games like #CaveStory+, #CrystalCrisis, #BladeStrangers and more, now thru July 7!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 18, 2022
Happy Easter! Please be kind to all the rabbit-like creatures you meet.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 11, 2022
#BladeStrangers is 50% off on Steam until 3/24. Here's Quote, Isaac, Gunvolt and Shovel Knight as drawn by the great Kinu Nishimura!
CASTPIXEL馃彸锔‍鈿э笍鈿 @castpixelFeb 17, 2022
Mockups for the official remake of Cave Story commissioned by Nicalis a few years ago. We made it a few screens in, and Quote was fully animated too #pixelart #gamedev
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisFeb 15, 2022
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your heart container is filled with lots of heart pickups today.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 1, 2022
Happy Happy New Year!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 25, 2021
Merry Christmas from Remi, Helen and Curly! Hope your Secret Santa leaves something good under the tree.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 21, 2021
A video message for you from @oxizn, creator of #CaveStory! Play Cave Story's Secret Santa today:
Pikii @PikiiGKDec 16, 2021
鏈棩閰嶄俊銇曘倢銇俱仐銇 #CaveStory's Secret Santa 銇с仚銇屻佹礊绐熺墿瑾炪伄澶╄胺銇曘倱銇嬨倝銈傘偝銉°兂銉堛倰闋傛埓銇椼仸銇娿倞銇俱仚鉁ㄣ屻偟銉炽偪銆嶃伄鍚嶅墠銇敱鏉ャ亴浠婃槑銈夈亱銇紒锛 #NintendoSwitch #銉嬨兂銉嗐兂銉夈兗銈广偆銉冦儊
Pikii @PikiiGKDec 16, 2021
鏈棩銆孋ave Story's Secret Santa銆嶃亴銉嬨兂銉嗐兂銉夈兗e銈枫儳銉冦儣銇ч厤淇°仌銈屻伨銇椼仧馃巵闁嬬櫤瀹ixel銇汉姘椼偆銉炽儑銈c兗銈€偗銈枫儳銉炽偛銉笺儬銇с亰銇仒銇裤伄銈儯銉┿偗銈裤兗銇屻併偣銉嗐儷銈广仺璎庤В銇嶃伀鎸戙個銈点偆銉夈偣銉堛兗銉兗銇с仚鉁ㄥ皻銆併亾銇°倝銇湡闁撻檺瀹氥仹銇厤淇°仺銇倞銇俱仚锛併亰鏃┿倎銇紒 #NintendoSwitch #銉嬨兂銉嗐兂銉夈兗銈广偆銉冦儊
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 10, 2021
Introducing Cave Story's Secret Santa, a FREE #CaveStory game created in cooperation with Studio Pixel. Available now for a limited time:
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 5, 2021
Things to remember on this 4th of July:
- There's four days left in the Steam Summer Sale:
- Most Mimiga are scared of fireworks, so please be considerate.
- Blue cake frosting will turn your tongue blue!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 21, 2021
Dedicated to all the dads (and father figures) who instilled a love of video games in us kids. Play co-op #CaveStory+ today on #NintendoSwitch!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 14, 2021
When your face swap app gets pareidolia
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 5, 2021
Happy Easter from the Egg Corridor! Have you signed up for the Nicalis Online Store newsletter yet?
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezApr 2, 2021
銇勩亜鎰熴仒銇仾銇c仸銇嶃仧 @oxizn
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 15, 2020
Found in the secret goodie vault, custom Wii remotes from #CaveStory creator @oxizn dated 2008
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 23, 2020
We received a special message for you from Studio Pixel on the 10th anniversary of Cave Story for Wii:
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezFeb 8, 2020
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 21, 2019
Happy 15th birthday, #CaveStory!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisNov 12, 2019
Thinking about tiers in #CrystalCrisis. Who's at the top?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisOct 29, 2019
All Ballos' Eve is coming! #CaveStory #Halloween
鈽員heOnlyGamer鈽 @TheOnlyGamerLPAug 31, 2019
Buying @nicalis swag at #PAXWest was worth it just for the bag alone. 馃槏馃槏馃槏
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 14, 2019
Have a drink with Quote, Balrog, Curly or Misery! Get your very own #CaveStory coasters at
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 9, 2019
Even robots play with themselves
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 6, 2019
Get your Cave Story shirt at the Nicalis booth #AX2019
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 22, 2019
So, the #Discord logo... is it a Mimiga? #CaveStory
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 14, 2019
Did you know? Quote's alt colors in #CrystalCrisis are based on his alt colors in #CaveStory+. Hold L or R at the character-select screen when choosing him, or try other buttons...
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 2, 2019
Introducing Cave Story Story!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 8, 2019
One of Curly's #CrystalCrisis attack animations, in slow motion so you can appreciate every frame
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisFeb 12, 2019
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 29, 2019
You're all I've ever wanted, and my arms are open wide.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 26, 2019
Pssst! Get up to 66% off Nicalis Switch games in the NA eShop NOW through Feb 3! EU sale coming soon.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 25, 2019
I can see it in your eyes.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 24, 2019
Hello! Is it me you're looking for?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 23, 2019
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 25, 2018
Have a lovely and safe Christmas Eve night.
May your Christmas day be Merry and bright!
And go find what gifts by Santa were hid.
But be careful, don't shoot your eye out, kid!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 21, 2018
Enjoy this evolution of Outer Wall on #CaveStory's 14th anniversary! What鈥檚 your favorite Mimiga memory?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisNov 15, 2018
Bang bang!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisNov 9, 2018
When playing #SaveMeMrTako, take some time to explore a little... you never know what you'll find! #NintendoSwitch Steam
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisSep 16, 2018
When #CaveStory's Curly loses at #BladeStrangers
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisSep 16, 2018
When curly plays #BladeStrangers
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisSep 12, 2018
The star-studded crossover fighting game #BladeStrangers has a crazy character roster. But, who's missing?
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezSep 5, 2018
<insert your own caption here>
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezAug 29, 2018
C'mon, Curly! You were wide open!!!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 27, 2018
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezAug 24, 2018
She's heating up!
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezAug 16, 2018
One ball to rule them all.
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezAug 15, 2018
Like stealing candy from a baby!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 15, 2018
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezAug 9, 2018
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 6, 2018
Who's the best Balrog?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 25, 2018
The Polar Star is featured prominently in #CrystalCrisis, but a smart traveler carries other weapons, too... #NintendoSwitch
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 17, 2018
That one time videogame #cosplayer @OJessicaNigri went to #Comiket as #CaveStory's female protagonist. Join Curly Brace and Quote in #BladeStrangers this summer on #NintendoSwitch, #PS4 and PC!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 8, 2018
The inside cover of launch edition copies of #CaveStory+ on #NintendoSwitch paid homage to a vintage Japanese game magazine ad. Can you guess which one?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 1, 2018
DYK: #BladeStrangers features #Ultraman #銈︺儷銉堛儵銉炪兂 star, Chihiro Yamamoto #灞辨湰鍗冨皨, as the voice of Curly Brace! Summer 2018 on #NintendoSwitch, #PS4 and PC!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 23, 2018
We're looking for a full-time tester at our offices in Orange County, California. Is this you?
email your resume to with subject: Tester!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisFeb 15, 2018
"Be mine--OR ELSE!" - Curly Brace #HappyValentinesDay
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezFeb 7, 2018
Uh oh, there's two Isaacs... @edmundmcmillen
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezJan 28, 2018
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezJan 20, 2018
Tears Up
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezJan 10, 2018
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 3, 2018
What's that, it's 2018? HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Time to make more great games! OH YEAAH!!!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 26, 2017
Merry Christmas to everyone!
Please be safe and have fun
Eat delicious food and sweet treats
And play games, perform cool feats
We'll see you soon, in 2018!
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezOct 7, 2017
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisSep 27, 2017
A little preview of Curly Brace as drawn by legendary artist, Kinu Nishimura #CaveStory #BladeStrangers #NintendoSwitch
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 10, 2017
Cave Story+ is available on #NintendoSwitch via eShop and retail
And now you can stack puppies, just like this!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 29, 2017
#CaveStory+, available now on #NintendoSwitch at retail and #eShop
Are you ready for the adventure?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 22, 2017
Did you know 25 retail copies of #CaveStory+ were personally signed by the game's creator, Pixel? Check inside your copy! #NintendoSwitch
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 11, 2017
The doctor has found the red flowers and you're the only one who can stop him! Cave Story+ on #NintendoSwitch 06.20.17
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 8, 2017
Did you know NES chiptune maestro @RushJet1 is responsible for the Cave Story+ Famitracks remix? #NintendoSwitch
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 9, 2017
Here's the faux "1990s Japanese Game Magazine Ad" on the inside of the Cave Story+ #NintendoSwitch package!
Tyrone Rodriguez ( 鈼 锔库棌) @tyronerodriguezApr 14, 2017
Show me your best/favorite #CaveStory fan art... for science
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 26, 2016
Merry Christmas everyone!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisOct 29, 2016
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Afterbirth, Cave Story+, 1001 Spikes and more on Sale up to 50%OFF via @steam_games!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisOct 18, 2016
#CaveStory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisOct 6, 2016
Now, kill me! Or--I willl kill you!!! #CaveStory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisSep 8, 2016
#CaveStory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 23, 2016
#CaveStory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 16, 2016
ALL Nicalis games are up to 33%OFF on the #WiiU and #3DS eShop for a limited time! Which will you play?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 11, 2016
I'm on the Mimiga side and not gonna lose to you! #CaveStory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 2, 2016
Obtained the Polar Star! #VoxelStory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 29, 2016
33-70%OFF Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Afterbirth, 1001 Spikes & Cave Story! #SteamSummerSale
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 22, 2016
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 21, 2016
If your favorite Cave Story weapon was in #Overwatch锛冩礊绐熺墿瑾
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 13, 2016
It's Heavy in here! #娲炵獰鐗╄獮 #VoxelStory
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 3, 2016
Just hangin' out with Monster X #VoxelStory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 31, 2016
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 17, 2016
I caught something strange.
You can take it, if you want. #voxelstory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 12, 2016
What to play? What to watch? #voxelstory #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 6, 2016
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Afterbirth, 1001 Spikes + Cave Story 25-50%OFF via Steam now!
Cave Story and 馃湉 Edmund McMillen 馃湉
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 5, 2016
Oh, Internet, you! #OhYeaah! #CaveStory #Toaster #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Cave Story
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 4, 2016
#VoxelStory? #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 1, 2016
Ah-Choo! Sue must've caught something #VoxelStory? #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Cave Story
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 30, 2016
Wishing Cave Story designer, Pixel, a Happy Birthday!
銇裤倱銇仹娲炵獰鐗╄獮銇儑銈躲偆銉娿兗銉斻偗銈汇儷銈掋亰绁濄亜銇椼倛銇 #娲炵獰鐗╄獮
Cave Story
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 21, 2016
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 19, 2016
I'm a human! I was turned into a voxel Mimiga by magic!
Cave Story
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 13, 2016
Hand over that key!
Cave Story
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 4, 2016
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 31, 2016
Cave Story?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 21, 2016
do you like Curly's new voxel look?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 11, 2016
Some never-before-seen concept art from Cave Story 3D. Wanna see more?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisFeb 29, 2016
Cave Story 3D high-poly version of main character #CaveStory
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisFeb 13, 2016
Curly and the gang hope you have a Happy St. Valentine's Day weekend!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 22, 2016
Your Polar Star, it's thrashed pretty badly. Wanna trade it for my machine gun?
Cave Story
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 1, 2015
Have you ever wondered what's inside Toroko's silver locket?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisNov 1, 2015
Have a Happy and safe Halloween night! Don't forget to save us some candy! #whatahorriblenighttohaveacurse
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisOct 17, 2015
If Smash Bros. was an "indie" game, what characters would you like to see? @CaveStory #VoteforQuote
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 11, 2015
For reasons unknown to me @amaya_pixel and @wo60000 are having a chicken draw-off/battle
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 23, 2015
Remember "Animal Story" 鍕曠墿鐗╄獮 by @CaveStory's @amaya_pixel?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 3, 2015
Do you play Smash Bros? Do you love @CaveStory? Then #VoteforQuote!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 23, 2015
Exactly 5 years ago today, a little adventure game called @CaveStory was released on Wii. Have you played it?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 11, 2015
Another Cave Story 3D cover comp, closer to completion @CaveStory
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMar 11, 2015
Never-before-seen Cave Story 3D cover art comps. We went through over 50 ideas before deciding. @CaveStory
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 29, 2014
How have we not noticed Balrog in this photo until now? He's photobombing @OJessicaNigri @CaveStory
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 12, 2014
Cave Story fans are in for a great segment tonight @videogameslive
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 25, 2014
Super Famicom-style @CaveStory box art for the @humble weekly sale
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 24, 2014
It's @OJessicaNigri as Curly Brace from @CaveStory blasting her creator, @amaya_pixel!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 18, 2014
It's happening! Cave Story comes to Europe on the Nintendo 3DS eShop May 1st, 2014!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 20, 2013
What if Cave Story figures existed? Would you want a set?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 30, 2013
Cave Story USB drives in action with one of our more skilled game testers.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJul 17, 2013
What could this be?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 28, 2013
One week to @AnimeExpo!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisApr 29, 2013
Happy Birthday! Thanks for Cave Story! 銇婅獣鐢熸棩銇娿倎銇с仺銇嗐仈銇栥亜銇俱仚! 娲炵獰鐗╄獮銇傘倞銇屻仺銇嗐仈銇栥亜銇俱仐銇燂紒@amaya_pixel
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 28, 2012
Happy Holidays from Nicalis!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 8, 2012
What's your favorite weapon? @amaya_pixel @tyronerodriguez
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisNov 13, 2012
What Ikachan for DSi/3DS looks like through the eyes of @amaya_pixel
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisNov 7, 2012
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisNov 1, 2012
Happy Halloween!!! Cave Story+ ON SALE $6.69 on Steam. Spooky new content!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisOct 30, 2012
We haven't forgotten about you, Guxt.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisOct 4, 2012
Ready for some Cave Story on eShop!? Couple of codes to giveaway later today!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisSep 3, 2012
AWESOME Cave Story cosplayer spotted at #PAX with Pixel @amaya_pixel @Official_PAX
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisAug 22, 2012
What is this?
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisMay 17, 2012
These need paint now. But they look great. Which size do you like better? @cavestory @amaya_pixel and @tyronerodriguez
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 4, 2012
Curly Brace, last week after destroying a massive bowl of ramen @ojessicanigri @tyronerodriguez and @amaya_pixel
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 29, 2011
Curly Brace made a guest appearance at Comiket, courtesy of @ojessicanigri If you're in Tokyo, be sure to say hello!
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisDec 21, 2011
@lego6245 Sure, if we kill #Sopa #cavestory gets iCloud
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisNov 26, 2011
@RangeBeagle We worked directly under with Pixel for the official translation. That's an unofficial fan translation, don't forget.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 17, 2011
When hitting some red spikes in Bushlands "Oh $hit!" @amaya_pixel
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 17, 2011
"I was beaten by Balfrog" @amaya_pixel
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 17, 2011
Just watched @amaya_pixel die at Balrog. Poor Malco will never be the same again.
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJun 16, 2011
Tokyo gets a special visit by @amaya_pixel and @naramura from @NIGORO
Nicalis, Inc. @nicalisJan 5, 2011
Did we already mention Pixel wrote the story to NightSky? Yes, the same Pixel who gave the world Cave Story.