For modifying Cave Story

Go to http://www.cavestory.org/downloads_editors.php, where you'll see some Cave Story editors.
You have a few to choose from:

Cave Editor
Currently the most powerful Cave Story editor. Not only can it edit tiles, entities, and scripts, it can also modify weapon data and the NPC table.

Sue's Workshop
The second most powerful Cave Story editor. Also quite user friendly. Unlike Cave Editor, you can have multiple maps open at the same time. The bad thing is, it puts the mapdata at the end of the executable, so if you want to load custom ORG songs, you need to do it after you're done editing.

Booster's Lab
The newest Cave Story editor. It can do many things, except for entity editing. This editor isn't finished yet, so you might want to wait until it is.

So, choose one. I highly recommend Cave Editor since it has the most features. Sue's is fine too.

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